The circularity in the production chain of Biodermol

The circularity in the production chain of Biodermol


Interview with Tamara Peruzzi

In this interview, we meet Tamara Peruzzi, a graduate in Biotechnology from the University of Trento and quality control officer in the Biodermol Ambiente laboratories. This activity ensures that all products are safe, reliable and meet the established quality standards. An attention that concerns not only the verification of the conformity of the products to the specifications, but also the management of the raw materials and their traceability. We asked Tamara to tell us about her role in the company and the advantages of using biotechnology within the production chain.

Good morning Tamara, thank you for being here today. Could you start by telling us who you are and how you approached this specific research field?

 Of course, I define myself as a person with an open mind. I graduated in Biomolecular Science and Technology in Trento and I have always had a great passion for science. During my studies, I acquired skills that I now apply daily in my laboratory work.

What is your role in Biodermol and how would you describe your typical day?

 At Biodermol, I deal with the analysis and quality control of the products. This involves verifying that the lots produced fall within the parameters of the technical data sheet and issuing the certificates that accompany the product. Furthermore, I also follow the production, checking that the raw materials also comply with certain conformity values.

What are the raw materials used by Biodermol and how do they fit into the sustainability chain?

 The raw materials used by Biodermol include pancreatin and enzymes produced by reusing waste material from the food industry. In this way, we give a new value to these wastes and insert enzymes into our products. The circularity of tanning starts right from the raw material.

Could you explain how sampling works for Biodermol customers?

 When customers request to test our products, we respond to their specific needs. This allows us to cater to the individual needs of each client.

What are the advantages of using biotechnologies in Biodermol?

 The use of biotechnologies allows us to exploit organic materials and redevelop them, avoiding introducing further dangerous substances into the production system. In this way, we meet the new sustainability needs of the supply chain.

Thank you Tamara for sharing your experience with us. It was a pleasure interviewing you.

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