Interview with Matteo

Interview with Matteo


Technic and commercial engeneer in Biodermol

Today we present our technical commercial engineer for the environment division Matteo Calce who was for us at the Ecomondo Fair, the reference event for the ecological transition and the circular economy.

As a sales engineer, what do you do at Biodermol?
In Biodermol I take care of the customer. I interface with the customer from the first contacts to the elaboration of an intervention, which goes to solve the problems encountered and/or improve the state of the art, proposing the most suitable solution to ensure that he is always satisfied.

Solutions that are tested directly in the laboratory.
That’s right, my work also requires a technical approach that cannot be separated from laboratory experimentation.
Starting from the samples that are provided to us and depending on the target that our customers want to reach, we are able to test and evaluate the performance of our products or of new formulations tailored to the customer. In this way we are able to return complete feedback on the analysis activity carried out, helping the customer to choose the path to take based on the effectiveness found.

Are you currently conducting any studies in particular?
Lately we have been doing research in the water purification sector. In particular, we have developed two new products for clarifying lake and stagnant water, BIOLAKE OX and BIOLAKE CLEAN, to counteract the accumulation of nutrients and organic matter and prevent eutrophication phenomena through bacterial metabolism. Furthermore, we are trying to start a collaboration with a customer who could open up new frontiers on the use of bacterial-enzymatic mixtures in the field of purification. At the moment we are still in the testing phase and I can’t reveal anything else, but the results we have obtained so far give us hope.

Behind the research of all Biodermol products there has always been the value of sustainability. What was it like to participate in Ecomondo, one of the most important trade fairs in the sector?
We have been present at the Ecomondo Fair for many years, an important and nationally and internationally recognized exhibition that attracts companies and experts from all over the world in the field of sustainability. It is always a nice opportunity to meet old and new customers and get to know people who are interested in our products and who share our values.

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