The tanning industry in Italy and worldwide

The tanning industry in Italy and worldwide


Interview with our tanning technician and international salesman Elia Biolo

Biodermol is a family business that over the years has transformed itself from a local company to an internationally recognized reality, becoming a point of reference in the field of products for the tanning industry. To convey our mission, we rely on the expertise of our expert collaborators in the sector who are always ready to find the best solution for every need.

One of the faces of our company is Elia Biolo, sales and technician assistant for the tanning sector in Italy and abroad. We asked him to tell us about his experience in a constantly evolving market.

Hello Elia, tell us about your role in Biodermol and how you approached this profession.

My experience in the world of tanning began at ITS Galilei in Arzignano, which offers specific training in the world of tanning, and then continued my studies at the University of Northampton with a degree in Leather Technology. After having accumulated various experiences, I landed in Biodermol, where I deal purely with solutions for the tanning sector, accompanying the customer in all phases of the intervention.

Your experience in the field has allowed you to get to know the sector in depth even outside the Italian borders. What is the potential from this point of view?

Biodermol is a well-established company in Italy and for about ten years it has also been present abroad, thanks to its cutting-edge green products that make it possible to reduce the polluting factor in waste water by up to 85% and to save also on the energy costs of production. This year I had the opportunity to deal with many different realities but everywhere I found a great interest: from Ireland, to Germany, to the Emirates up to the last trip to Leon, Mexico, to touch the products of the WhiteLine line.

Sensitivity towards green issues is also expanding in emerging countries, what are the factors that have marked this change of course?

Sustainability today is a transversal theme that knows no borders. The big brands have certainly had a great influence on this process, hand in hand with the introduction of new quality standards and certifications required by the international community. From this point of view, Biodermol offers certified solutions, from ISO 14001 environmental certification to product carbon footprint through sector certifications such as ZDHC.

What are the essential characteristics to best carry out your profession?

I would say dynamism and ability to get involved. In my job it is essential to always be ready to face new challenges and have excellent problem solving skills. The complexity of this world is also what makes it highly challenging.

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