Our journey towards sustainability

Our journey towards sustainability

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In recent years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have assumed a major role in assessing a company’s performance in terms of sustainability. Biodermol Ambiente, aware of this growing attention and of the importance of integrating sustainability into its work, recently won a tender for the company’s ESG assessment.

In this article, we will explore the ESG criteria, the winning project and Biodermol’s commitment to sustainability.

Definition of ESG

ESG criteria are standardized and shared parameters for assessing a company’s environmental, social and governance performance. These criteria provide an accurate and objective measurement of how a company manages the environment, its social relationships and governance practices. The ESG approach is based on three main pillars: the environment (E), the social aspect (S) and governance (G).

Environmental criteria (E):

Environmental criteria evaluate a company’s behavior towards its surroundings and the environment in general. These criteria concern the way in which a company manages natural resources, reduces the environmental impact of its activities and promotes environmental sustainability.

Social aspect (S):

Social criteria focus on a company’s impact on the people and communities in which it operates. These criteria look at a company’s relationship with its employees, suppliers, customers and society as a whole. Furthermore, they also consider respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion, as well as the social impact of the company’s activities.

Governance (G):

The governance criteria cover business management, ethical principles and good governance practices. These criteria examine aspects such as the transparency of company decisions, the management of conflicts of interest, the correctness of financial information and the respect for shareholder rights.

The winning project

Biodermol, aware of the growing importance of ESG criteria and of requests from government authorities, investors and the Autonomous Province of Trento, has proposed to integrate sustainability into the company and to adapt to new regulatory developments. The project, carried out with the support of LINFA CONSULTING, provides for an analysis and measurement of sustainability indicators within the organization.

Project objectives

The path of analysis and measurement of corporate sustainability parameters will make it possible to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This initial phase will prepare the ground for the development of a strategy and an improvement plan linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), in order to guarantee sustainable growth for the company and for all the stakeholders involved.

Focus on sustainability

In pursuing its mission to replace chemicals with bio-based products and to develop innovative solutions, Biodermol aims to conduct an analysis of the raw materials used in production. The goal is to evaluate the possibility of substitutions and increase the percentage of biobased ingredients, promoting the circular economy and reducing the use of fossil fuels and emissions. This initiative will further contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of Biodermol products.

The ESG assessment project represents an important step towards greater corporate sustainability. The company undertakes to evaluate and improve its environmental, social and governance performance, aligning itself with international regulations and sustainability objectives. Thanks to this initiative, Biodermol will be able to effectively communicate its commitment to sustainability to stakeholders and contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable future.