Our experience at Ecomondo

Our experience at Ecomondo


Biodermol underlined its commitment to sustainability during its participation in the prestigious Ecomondo 2023 fair. This event, centered on ecology and innovation, provided the ideal setting to present Biodermol’s advanced solutions in the critical sectors of water purification, elimination of odors and waste treatment in the tanning industry.

Cutting-edge sustainable innovations

We proudly presented Biodermol’s latest solutions born from laboratory and field research, focused on water purification and advanced waste treatment. These advances represent a landmark in promoting more environmentally friendly practices in the tanning industry, highlighting Biodermol’s role as a harbinger of significant change.

Strategic collaborations for progress

In addition to presenting our innovations, we have had the privilege of cultivating new collaborations and consolidating existing partnerships. These constructive exchanges with professionals and leaders who share our vision represent crucial foundations for shaping a more sustainable future in the tanning sector.

Positive welcome and continuous commitment

The extremely positive feedback received during the event strengthened our belief that Biodermol’s commitment to sustainability is inspiring the industry. This positive response further motivates us to pursue with determination our mission of promoting sustainability in every area of the tanning industry.