Biodermol at SIMAC Tanning Tech

Biodermol at SIMAC Tanning Tech


Biodermol’s recent participation in the SIMANC Tanning Tech fair was an incredible and highly informative experience. This internationally renowned event was a unique opportunity to connect with experts and leaders from the tanning industry interested in promoting sustainability.

Innovation at the center

At the heart of our participation in SIMAC Tanning Tech was innovation. We proudly presented our latest advances in the research and development of enzymes for sustainable tanning. Our CEO Mauro Baruchelli led an engaging exhibition, revealing how our products are redefining the tanning industry, allowing producers to adopt sustainable solutions without sacrificing quality.

Meetings and collaborations

The fair was also an opportunity to establish new collaborations and strengthen existing relationships. We had the honor of interacting with professionals sharing our same vision of a more sustainable tanning industry. These exchanges of ideas and synergies are invaluable for the tanning industry’s progress towards a more resource-conscious future.

Positive feedback

One of the most rewarding moments of the event was the feedback from visitors. We were surprised and happy to see how our commitment to sustainability inspired others. The passion and interest shown by visitors further motivated us to pursue our mission.

The sustainable future of the tanning industry

Our involvement at the SIMANC Tanning Tech fair was a step forward towards creating a sustainable future for the tanning industry. A huge thank you to everyone who visited our stand and shared this extraordinary experience with us.