Earth Day

World Earth Day is an opportunity to remind us how much our planet and anthropogenic activities are closely linked and dependent on each other.

After decades of resource exploitation and activities with high greenhouse gas emissions, we find ourselves having to face the emergency linked to climate change in an urgent manner.

A change of pace and approach is indispensable and urgent. To be able to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C by 2030 it will be necessary to reduce CO2 emissions by 45%.

Biodermol Ambiente has been focusing on this challenge for years and has made sustainability the foundation for the research and development of products that increasingly reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities, especially in the world of tanning.

For over 60 years our company has been developing and producing enzymes and auxiliaries that allow tanneries to limit the consumption of chemical products and reduce energy consumption.

The White Line in fact consists of formulations based on specific enzymes and microorganisms that provide an alternative to industrial processes.

The benefits obtained using these solutions are varied:

- Reduction in the consumption of chemical products with a high environmental impact

- Reduction of water consumption

- COD reduction in waste water

- Possibility of separating a hair of suitable quality for its reuse, thus converting a waste into a resource

- Excellent quality of leather, material that provides a perfect example of circular economy

Hand in hand with the development of increasingly innovative solutions, the company has also chosen to invest in the energy upgrading of its plant, thus promoting a low-carbon economy also in the production phases.

Important structural changes have therefore been completed recently:

- Photovoltaic system installation

- Replacement of windows

- Insulation of the roof and external walls

Underlying the philosophy of Biodermol Ambiente is the belief that a responsible approach is more convenient and will therefore continue with conviction to do its part in this direction.


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