Soaking and liming are the first steps for preparing skin for subsequent tanning treatment and are essential for achieving even leathers with optimum mechanical resistance.

Our enzymatic formulations for soaking and liming offer an alternative to the traditional processes: commonly used products are replaced by specific enzymes that perform their activity on the leather, minimising the environmental impact.


To optimise the purification process in wastewater treatment plants, we offer formulations based on enzymes, microorganisms and nutrients.

Our Bioenzime products aim to accelerate the metabolic processes involving the degradation of organic matter, carried out by the bacteria present in sewage, thanks to the presence of microorganisms selected according to their ability to reproduce quickly and decompose the various forms of contaminants present in wastewater.

Waste and Biomass

During the organic waste reconversion processes, sometimes conditions occur that are not entirely ideal for enabling optimal biodegradation by the microorganisms present in the organic matter.

This is why we have developed bioactivators based on enzymes, selected bacteria and nutrients that make up for and supplement unfavourable conditions, where there is room for optimising the process.


BIPUR is our innovative biotechnological formulation for abating odours, which involves the use of only naturally-derived ingredients: enzymes and microorganisms, which act directly on the malodorous substances, neutralising the molecules responsible for the odour and improving the air quality.

By using BIPUR, supplied via AIRNEW air treatment systems, you can intervene in various fields of application to resolve the root problems linked to bad odours that disturb businesses and communities.

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