Foundation Open Factory: a new research project is underway

The research project funded by Trentino Sviluppo which involves Biodermol Ambiente and the Symbiagro startup has officially begun.
Thanks to the Foundation Open Factory program, a meeting point was born between Biodermol, a company with more than 60 years of experience in biotechnological solutions for the environment and a sustainable tanning industry and Symbiagro, a startup specialized in the formulation of nutrients and innovative biostimulants for agriculture.
Biodermol Ambiente thanks to the White Line recipe has perfected an enzymatic soaking and liming process with a very low content of sulphides. This makes it possible to obtain a hair from the hair removal of the hides that does not necessarily have to be disposed of as waste, but can be reused as a by-product, as it is free of the pollutants normally present in the traditional tanning process.
This opens up various possibilities for reusing the hair as a resource, further improving the circularity of which the tanning industry is already an emblem.
The keratin present in the hair can, for example, become an excellent source of nitrogen that can be used as a nutrient in agriculture. In fact, the project aims to optimize the formulation of a bio-fertilizer thanks to the experience developed in the sector by Symbiagro.
The final goal will therefore be a process that transforms the hair discarded by the tanneries into a sustainable fertilizer.
The program will develop in 12 intense weeks of study, analysis and comparison and will end on 04/29/2022.
Thanks go to Trentino Sviluppo for funding the project that involves us and to Fondazione Caritro, Fondazione Cariparo and Fondazione Cariverona for supporting the Foundation Open Factory program which aims to spread innovation in the Triveneto area through the involvement of local companies , startups and young talents.


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