Ri-Leather: the leather waste recovery project

The latest issue of Ars Tannery magazine also talks about the Ri-Leather project in which Biodermol Ambiente participates with the aim of recovering leather waste and making tanning more sustainable.

The article is available on page 41 of Ars Tannery 2021 02.

The "Ri-Leather: new development of products and technologies for the reduction of hazardous and polluting substances, the reuse and recycling of leather processing waste" was carried out using the POR FESR 2014-2020 funding from the Veneto Region and sees protagonists the Experimental Station for the Leather Industry (SSIP) and the companies Real Color, Conceria Montebello, Conceria Corradi and Biodermol Ambiente.

The project aims to introduce innovative chemical products and tanning processes, from the depilation / liming phase to tanning and retanning in order to reduce the environmental impact and introduce new eco-sustainable products to the market, aimed at improving creative productions.

Biodermol Ambiente, as partner of the project, is engaged in the research and implementation of an enzymatic liming process, able both to depilate the skin in the absence of reducing agents (sulphide and sulphydrate), and to keep the hair intact which can therefore be revalued as a by-product.

To know more:

Prototype of hair filter

Enzymatic liming test


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